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Release time: 2019/3/26 11:09:10

Founded in 1987, Ningbo Jiayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Linshan Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay in Ningbo and next to the 329 National Road. It is mainly used in the production of electronic heating and cooling boxes and compressor refrigerators. , cars, yachts, beauty salons, medical facilities, outdoor travel, supermarket shopping, and other places in human life. The company pays attention to technology development and scientific research investment, implements total quality management, and passes the IS9000 quality management certification system of SGS.

Here is a passionate team. Since its inception, this team has been constantly surpassing and tackling difficulties. Under the guidance of the main theme of development, Ningbo Jiayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. has never stopped its development, and has been driving on the runway that constantly beats itself and surpasses itself. We are delighted to see that the company has 6 automatic production lines (average capacity of 3,000 units per day), CANNON high-end foaming machine imported from Italy, constant temperature test, ROHS detector, automatic computer temperature difference detector, refrigeration Film detectors; the scale is getting bigger every day, the equipment of the company is updated day by day, the competitiveness of the company is increasing day by day. After 25 years of self-development and mergers and acquisitions, the company has become the world's largest manufacturer of electronic heating and cooling boxes. . All these changes are due to the courage and high-spirited spirit of our Jiayuan people.

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